Posted by: hshlok | January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Happy 2010!

Happy New Year, everybody. We had said Goodbye to 2009, and now, we are welcoming a brand new year, 2010.

I would love to plan a trip to Europe this year, of course to countries I have not stepped on. Where about ? Right. I give myself two options. First option, to France (again), and from there, I fly to Ireland and Iceland, or Second option, to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Both options seem fine to me. I had fallen in love with France, since my first summer visit to her in 1996. I then brought my parents there when they attended my convocation in England in 1997. In December 2004, I greeted Bonjours again. My friend and I spent four days in Switzerland prior to crossing the French border.

How about Italy? She is a stranger to me. Same to Ireland, Iceland, and the other two beautiful Mediterranean countries, Slovenia and Croatia.

It’s now 2010 ! It’s a Visit Europe Year to me !



  1. wish your dream come true…

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