Posted by: hshlok | January 2, 2010

A trip to Sri Lanka

Many people around me were surprised (shocked, perhaps) when I told them I was going to plan a trip to Sri Lanka. Why not ? Some travel guidebooks refer her as a photogenic country while the others call her the teardrop of the Indian Ocean. I am pretty sure these guidebooks cannot be wrong. Indeed, I have proven it.

Two friends and I decided to materialize the trip in early October 2009. We would spend 7 days in this Indian Ocean country. We planned to put our flags on Colombo, and another four UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka. There are, to-date, seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka. We were only interested in four of them, namely Kandy (the capital of the last kingdom), Polonnaruwa, Dambulla cave temples and Sigiriya Rock Palace.

Was it a backpacking trip ? It was not exactly one. I would call it a semi-backpacking trip. We got to stay in 5-star hotel in Colombo, and 2- to 3-star hotels elsewhere, and we engaged a local driver to drive us around. Apart from these, we were pretty much on our own …


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