Posted by: hshlok | January 3, 2010

First day in Sri Lanka – Colombo (Part 1)

The AirAsia flight AK255 touched down on the runway of Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport, at 7:20 am (Sri Lankan time) on 5 October 2009. Excited, I was! I finally got a chance to step on a South Asian country.  I was standing in a modern-looking airport. It must have just been renovated, I could smell the new paint.

It took us around 40 minutes to go through the “bustling” custom. At 7:50 pm, we met our local driver, Mr. Sunil at the end of the arrival hall.

On our way to Colombo, we stopped by at a small town named Kandana. This is the town in which we took our very first meal in Sri Lanka. In Thkshila Food House, Tze Hong and I ordered the fish rotty (SK30 each), and Kok Kee had the chicken sandwich (SK70 each). Both the friends got themselves a cup of ceylon milked tea while I didn’t. I was then told the milked tea was the tastiest throughout the whole trip. Well, I missed it.

The roadside restaurant in which we had our first breakfast, is Thakshila Food House, 182 Negombo Road, Relaulla, Kandana.

We were filling the check-in form at Ceylon Continental Hotel at 9:40 am. Quickly, without any delay, we rushed to the hotel to see how the hotel room looked like. The room looked decent, and not too spacious. 30 minutes was what we took to do a quick  wash-up, and left the hotel for the city tour at 10:20pm.


Independance Memorial

The itinerary for the first day in Colombo covers the 5 must-not-miss-out tourist spots in this biggest city. Our first stop was Jami-Ul Alfar Mosque. Mr. Sunil then drove us around Main Street and Sea Street, before stopping by at the Town Hall & Viharamahadevi Park, Independance Memorial, and Gangaramaya and Beira Lake. Colombo is apparently not a big city and there is not many places to see and visit in the city centre.

We hardly spent more than 3 hours to cover all the must-not-miss-out spots, and went for lunch at 12:40 pm.

to be continued


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