Posted by: hshlok | January 4, 2010

First day in Sri Lanka – Colombo (Part 2)

It was 12:50 pm. The streets around us were packed with cars. I know, it’s an understatement. The traffic condition in Colombo city centre was much worse than that we see in KL.

After a 20 minutes, we were brought to the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. We were told the food court in the lower ground of the hotel serves good Sri Lankan food. I had the lemon rice with deviled chicken (SK 270) and a bottle of ginger beer (SK 100).

Mr. Sunil suggested we should see Mount Lavinia Hotel and take some pictures there. The 200-year-old hotel is located on Mount Lavinia, about 45 minutes in the south of the city. However it took us nearly 70 minutes to reach the hotel due to a massive traffic jam along the way.

Mount Lavinia Hotel is well-known for its white-painted Victorian building and its ocean view, especially to the Westerners. The room tariff is SK 950++ for a night stay. Three of us took more than a hundred pictures of the hotels and the ocean view. The dust-blanketed Colombo skyline could be seen from the pool side.

We were exhausted, and I suggested we should go back to the hotel to take a nap. We woke up at about 6.45 pm. After bath, we had dinner at Sea Fish Restaurant. It was not right if we did not try the local beer in any foreign country. We ordered 3 big bottles of Lion Lager which were told to be the best in country. I had Seafood Termidor (SK 650) for dinner.

Mount Lavinia Hotel


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