About me

I love traveling on my shoestrings. Tight budget is a concern to me, lack of annual leave is another, hence a good planning is essential to a traveler who is on tight budget and is lack of annual leave. I always plan ahead what, where and when I put on my travel boots again. I believe in ‘plan to fail, fail to plan’ theory.

As of 1 Jan 2010, I have stepped on more than 30 countries outside Malaysia, to be precise, 31 ! I will do more. I will travel more, in coming years, and of course, I will explore more!

I did not forget to introduce myself, My name is Henry. I am currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I thank you for visiting my travel snapshots at Traveldale. I hope to share and give you as much information as possible which can be of useful to you.

Write to me at traveldale (at) gmail dot com if you wish to contact me.

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