Asia, the biggest continent in the World, is full of interesting histories, arts and cultures. My first trip outside Malaysia, are to the two neighbouring countries – Thailand and Singapore. These countries do not attract millions of tourists each year for no reasons.

Come, let me show you the snapshot of my Asia travel experiences on this page. My previous trips to Asian countries are shown as below, in reserved chronological order. You may click on the country names for more details.


Cambodia (Siem Reap)  ◊  visited Jan 2006

Philippines (Manila)  ◊  visited May 2008

Singapore  ◊   visited numerous times between 1993 and 2009

Thailand   ◊   visited numerous times between 1985 and 2008

Vietnam (Hanoi) ◊   visited Feb 2009


China (Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang, Hangzhou, Shenzhen)  ◊  visited 4 times between 2003 and 2008

Hong Kong  ◊  visited 1985, Jan 2002, Sept 2005, Feb 2006 (work), Mar 2007

Japan (Tokyo & Hakone)  ◊  visited Nov 2002

Macau  ◊   visited 1985, Mar 2006

South Korea (Seoul & surrounds)  ◊  visited 2000, Aug 2007

Taiwan  ◊  visited 1985, Nov 2008


Sri Lanka ◊  visited Oct 2009


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